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Academy students will be eligible to be interviewed by Westmed upon completion of
EMT training and certification requirements.


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Learn from the experts

At BATA you will learn first hand from field practitioners and industry experts. Our instructors are real working Paramedics and EMTs who can provide years of invaluable lessons learned and best practices.

Observe and learn

Because of our location you will learn first hand what a career in EMS will hold for you. Ambulance ride alongs, Emergency Department clinical rotations and hands on skills instructions have been designed to increase student learning.

A balanced curriculum

Our method of instruction was carefully designed to create a balance between academia and real world skills application of skills. At BATA we teach you to be a patient advocate not only will you gain invaluable life saving skills but also learn a compassionate bedside manner.

Why choose us:

When looking for a great school, students have many options. Why should a student choose BATA? Simply because we are the industry experts, we bring decades of experience to our students gleaned from countless hours of caring for those in need and now we want to impart our knowledge to you the student. Over the years we have perfected the art of teaching so that we can educate those who are eager to learn. For those that are seeking more than a job and instead seek a purpose, we are here to help you on your journey.

Hands on learning

At BATA we will train you to be at your best when seconds count and the pressure is on. Your training at BATA will allow you to become a proficient healthcare professional that others can depend on. Though our curriculum, we can train you to respond effectively as a compassionate healthcare provider when seconds count.

Before we were a school we were the Bay Area’s original ambulance service.

BATA was founded by one of the oldest ambulance companies in the Bay Area. Now in our 20th year of business we have decided to impart decades of knowledge to our new students. We know what it takes to succeed in the EMS industry and we can impart decades of knowledge to students who wish to learn.

To glimpse at your future all you need to do is look around.

Because our campus is located at an ambulance deployment station, students can glimpse into what a career in EMS will be like. Our campus was designed to immerse and enlighten students into their field of study as well as foster academic success.

Our learning transcends the classroom.

Being a good caregiver is not only about being book smart, it’s about being street smart too. Our instructors aren’t just teachers, they are real working Paramedics and EMTs who can show students their “tips of the trade”.

After graduation what now?

After you have graduated from the course many new EMTs wander the job market trying to figure out their next move. At BATA we will help guide you on your way to meaningful employment at one of the many companies we partner with. Even months or years after you graduate contact us and we will help you.

EMT Academy Classes

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